We present to the winner of spinning competitions organized by Spinning DUTCH Adventure Catch & Release.

We hope that the award given by Krzysztof Klos founded by Graff Poland will serve for many years. Congratulations also to the next participant for the biggest fish of the competition. And above all, congratulations to all participants.

It was a really great spinning competition! Particularly atmospheric conditions were relatively difficult, because it was raining, but the turnout was good, and the participants turned out to be quite tough. We would like to emphasize that this is just the first competition in the spinning series that we support. In the following months, anglers from the Netherlands will compete in other places. There are already 60 participants on the list of competitors of the next edition of our competition and the list is growing day by day, please visit the organizer’s website for registration, which means it will happen.

Remember, you are all winners because you have guaranteed a great atmosphere.

You can sign up for the next edition at this address.