Theromo-active underwear – hunting & fishing clothes

The GRAFF’s thermoactive underwear are specialized clothes that have exceptional thermal insulation properties that perfectly drain moisture away and dry quickly, thus preventing the release of an unpleasant smell. Underwear is bacteriostatic, antiallergic, as well as delicate and elastic, thanks to which it perfectly adheres to the body. It owes its properties to the use of a double-layer DUO SKIN fabric made of polyamide fibers and microfibers with permanently introduced silver ions. The applied solutions limit the growth of bacteria on the skin, thanks to which it minimizes the formation of sweat odor. The thermoactive underwear of our production is delicate and elastic, so it adapts well to the body, leaving maximum freedom of movement.

The GRAFF’s thermoactive underwear is designed from a breathable material, which is why we call it „second skin”. Our products protect against both overheating and cooling down. Thanks to its structure, underwear quickly wicks away perspiration, and the use of flat seams reduces the risk of painful abrasions that cause lower quality materials.

We design thermoactive underwear for women and men. Years of experience, the best quality materials and sticking to current trends allow us to offer you an aesthetic and stylish collection of clothes for men and women.