THERMO-system is a way of choosing Graff’s clothing to the prevailing weather conditions. It is about providing users with thermal comfort through air circulation, moisture drainage to the outside and protection against cold and overheating, wind and rain.

The principle of THERMO-system is based on the laws of physics. The rising temperature inside of the garment „displaces” sweat in the form of water vapor to the outside, which allows to maintain a dry microclimate of the skin. At the same time, thanks to the appropriate selection of all layers of clothing (BRATEX® + fleece + thermo-active underwear), it provides thermal comfort.

Clothing form the THERMO-system ensures cooling of the body by air circulation during the hot days. In addition, silver ions in thermo-active underwear prevent the growth of bacteria causing an unpleasant smell of sweat. The most important feature of the THERMO-system is its dynamics – the greater the temperature difference inside the garment and outside, the faster the system works, giving more moisture to the outside or „forcing” the air to circulate faster.


  • ensuring thermal comfort through air circulation
  • protection against cold, overheating, wind and rain
  • providing a dry microclimate of the skin, by pushing the moisture to the outside
  • drainage of moisture to the outside
  • the dynamics of the system means that the greater the difference in temperature outside and inside, the faster the SYSTEM works, forcing the air to circulate