SOFT ARMOR fabric consists of the highest quality nylon fibers that guarantee exceptional lightness and airiness. A special rip-stop weaving method, in which at fibers of enhanced durability are regularly interlaced, makes this fabric very strong and resistant to damage.

The SOFT ARMOR fabric has been well protected against UV rays. The high UPF 30+ filter significantly protects the skin underneath the clothing. In addition, the high resistance to harmful effects of ultraviolet, which is characterized by SOFT ARMOR, ensures that the colors of the fabric will remain bright even after long exposure to the sun.

The structure of the fabric and the nylon fibers helps in the rapid absorption of water, which is then dispersed over the large surface of the fabric and expedites its drying. SOFT ARMOR quickly absorbs sweat and drains it away, so that the skin stays dry all the time.

The special finishing of the SOFT ARMOR fabric makes it pleasant to the touch. The dyes and fibers used are carefully tested before production, which gives users a guarantee of safety.

During the final treatment process, SOFT ARMOR fabric was impregnated with DRY CARE finishing, which increases its resistance to dirt and moisture.