When designing the RS-1500, selecting its unique properties, we put special emphasis on its specific advantages and quality. The fabric is durable and resistant to sunlight. Functionality and a number of specific GRAFF details, in models made of RS-1500 fabric, was already a consequence of the company’s over 20-year-old history.

The RS-1500 clothing line is a challenge that we have been working on for several years. The result is a summer clothing set consisting of a baseball cap, shirt, vest, trousers and jacket. The set is extremely functional, equipped with many practical solutions and, what is important, the RS-1500 fabric itself was equipped with anti-insect finish, which protects against insect bites, including ticks.

In contrast, a winter clothing set consists of a functional jacket and a complementing gillet, strong trousers and hats with ear flaps. All elements of the winter set are filled with an extremely light SUB ZERO insulating layer, its microfiber structure accumulates particles of warm air, at the same time protecting against penetration of cold inside the clothing. In addition, the jacket, trousers and cap are strengthen with a breathable BRATEX membrane and DRY CARE aperture creating a invisible waterproof outer layer which prevents from water absorption during rain showers.