DUO SKIN is a two-layered fabric enriched with silver ions, thanks to which it is bacteriostatic. Its secret is a special structure, thanks to which underwear made of DUO SKIN fabric quickly absorbs sweat and push it on the outside in the form of vapor. The inside of the fabric is emerized, which creates a „soft grip” guaranteeing a pleasant sense of warmth.

GRAFF offers you a special underwear, thermo-active, whose line is called GRAFF-BIOACTIV. This underwear has unique thermal insulation properties (protects the skin from overheating and from hypothermia), perfectly wicks moisture outside, dries quickly without causing unpleasant smell of sweat. GRAFF-BIOACTIV underwear is antibacterial, anti-allergic, delicate, elastic, perfectly fits the body.

It owes its properties thanks to the use of a special two-layer knitted fabric made of polyamide fibers and microfibres treated in a special way. GRAFF-BIOACTIV is a unique structure of microfibers covered with silver ions. Used for the production of underwear, it gives unique properties, which our customers already discovered and we are happy to put it to your assessment.

The secret of GRAFF-BIOACTIV underwear is it’s double-layer knit construction. Microfibers were used on the inside part of the fabric and they were subjected to special treatment to get a nice warm grip. On the other hand, the outer layer is made of polyamide fibers.

Sweat in the form of water vapor instantly penetrates through the inner layer and is absorbed by the outer layer and its special structure ensures a quick discharge to the outside. Thanks to this, there is no unpleasant feeling of moisture, user feels dry and pleasantly warm.