Cotton is a fiber which surrounds plants seeds called in the same name – cotton (Gossypium), which has many uses. One of it’s uses is to manufacture a soft fabric.
Perhaps not everyone knows that cotton has about 30 trade names – depending on how it is processed and used. Among these names are those which are known to everyone from the fashion catwalks: satin velvet, but also barchan, lawn, balloon, canvas, merle, calico, corduroy, and even … jeans.

Why do people value cotton so much? Mainly because it is not sensitizing and it is pleasant to wear. Chronic allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin may wear it. What is more, ironing does not result in losing its properties. Do not forget, however, to remove the iron from the T-shirt, because the natural and organic structure of the cotton will very quickly cause burning marks, and even a hole in the clothes.

Unfortunately, cotton does not work well as a thermo-active underwear. Its hygroscopic properties make it to accumulate water molecules like a thin sponge, so after wearing it for a longer time, shirt or shorts simply stick to the body. However, it works well in combination with synthetic fabrics. It will provide thermal insulation, keep the body warm and will not let in the cold from the outside.