The fabric coated with TEFLON® provides the maximum resistance to water and dirt. Thanks to its features oily stains and dirt can be easily removed.


      FLOAT – is a high quality buoyancy insert, used in order to improve the buoyancy parameters of the user. The unique FLOAT system consists of millions of air bubbles, pressed into soft and light foam. The closed structure of the foam prevents it from soaking, thanks to which one can be certain that the […]

  • Cotton

      Cotton is a fiber which surrounds plants seeds called in the same name – cotton (Gossypium), which has many uses. One of it’s uses is to manufacture a soft fabric. Perhaps not everyone knows that cotton has about 30 trade names – depending on how it is processed and used. Among these names are […]


      UV radiation – Increased protection As you know, ultraviolet radiation comes from the Sun. It is just one of the many electromagnetic rays emitted by the Sun. The range of ultraviolet radiation is from 400 to 100 nm and was determined by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), which specified three types of UV […]


    EULAN® SPA 01 anti-insect finish, which the RS-1500 fabric is covered with , has a user-safe active ingredient that repels insects and ticks, thus protects against diseases that are difficult to detect. EULAN® SPA 01 is an oxidase-based protection product used for example on military clothing. It is to prevent many tick-borne diseases, malaria or […]


      DRY CARE is a modern finish that creates a waterproof outer layer which is invisible to the naked eye. It protects against soaking of clothes during rain showers and against staining caused ny for example spilling some drink. The usage of the DRY CARE layer consists in covering the surface of the fabric without […]

  • THERMO-system

    THERMO-system is a way of choosing Graff’s clothing to the prevailing weather conditions. It is about providing users with thermal comfort through air circulation, moisture drainage to the outside and protection against cold and overheating, wind and rain. The principle of THERMO-system is based on the laws of physics. The rising temperature inside of the […]


    SUB ZERO is an insulating layer used in winter clothing. Thanks to the structure in which the microfibers form asymmetrical cells, SUB ZERO accumulates particles of warm air, at the same time protecting against penetration of cold inside of the clothing. In developing the SUB ZERO insulating non-woven fabric we strived to provide users with […]


    Thanks to its special structure, BRATEX® belongs to the family of breathable vapor-permeable fabrics, such as GORETEX, SYMPATEX and HYDROTEX. It is a laminated fabric with a vapor permeable membrane (milky or transparent). It is characterized by high water resistance and windproofness, and at the same time letting the sweat to escape outside of the […]


    Clothing sewn in the WATER STOP® system, thanks to the usage of a special breathable BRATEX membrane,  is windproof and waterproof, and at the same time provides a dry micro-climate of the skin, thanks to the removal of sweat in the form of water vapor outside of the clothing, providing comfort for the user.  


    DUO SKIN is a two-layered fabric enriched with silver ions, thanks to which it is bacteriostatic. Its secret is a special structure, thanks to which underwear made of DUO SKIN fabric quickly absorbs sweat and push it on the outside in the form of vapor. The inside of the fabric is emerized, which creates a […]


    POLARON – X is a high-quality thermo-active knitwear (the inner layer of the knitwear absorbs the sweat released during exercise and drains it outside). Thanks to the special structure of the fabric, it ensures the maintenance of a constant body temperature even at low temperatures In this way, it gives comfort, regardless of weather conditions. […]


    DUO SHIELD is a two-layer fabric system, the top layer is a flexible fabric which is resistant to abrasion and dirt. The lining, highly valued by our customers, is the POLARON-X 300 which keeps the heat and allows the sweat to drain away from the surface of the skin. The DRY CARE finish complements the […]


    Thanks to a structure similar to the coarse wool, Green Hills is resembles natural fabrics such as cloth and loden. Like wool, it binds warm air inside of the clothing. It protects against wind and provides resistance to moisture. Green Hills allows to drain sweat from the inside of clothing, so that clothes made from […]


    SOFT ARMOR fabric consists of the highest quality nylon fibers that guarantee exceptional lightness and airiness. A special rip-stop weaving method, in which at fibers of enhanced durability are regularly interlaced, makes this fabric very strong and resistant to damage. The SOFT ARMOR fabric has been well protected against UV rays. The high UPF 30+ […]

  • RS-1500

      When designing the RS-1500, selecting its unique properties, we put special emphasis on its specific advantages and quality. The fabric is durable and resistant to sunlight. Functionality and a number of specific GRAFF details, in models made of RS-1500 fabric, was already a consequence of the company’s over 20-year-old history. The RS-1500 clothing line is […]