Fleece sweatshirt 224-P-BL


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Lightweight and comfortable fleece sweatshirt with close fit hood, sewn from the thermo-active POLARON X fabric.

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Fleece sweatshirt 224-P-BL

  • Three outer pockets with zippers
  • Profiled hood
  • Strong main zipper fastened high to the neck, with a comfort-friendly finish
  • It creates a set with the 224-P-SP fleece pants

Comfortable fleece sweatshirt with a hood

The sweatshirt will perfectly work as an interlayer of the GRAFF’s THERMO-system. It should be placed between the jacket with the BRATEX® membrane and the DUO SKIN thermo-active underwear.

THERMO-system is a way to adapt our clothing to the prevailing weather conditions. It’s about providing the user with thermal comfort thanks to air circulation, wicking of moisture outside of the clothing, as well as protection against cold and wind. The principle of the system is based on the laws of physics. The temperature rising under the clothes displaces the sweat in the form of water vapor on the outside of the clothing, allowing the maintenance of the dry skin. In addition, the appropriate combination of all layers of clothing (BRATEX® + POLARON-X + thermo-active DUO SKIN  underwear) provides user with the adequate thermal comfort. Due to air circulation, the THERMO-system does not allow the body to overheat.

It takes up little space when folded. To create a set use the 224-P-SP fleece trousers.

Used materials



Terms of use

Do not iron!
Normal wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C
Do not bleach!
Do not dry mechanically!
Drying in an upright position

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