Is there really silver in the thermo-active underwear?

Our thermo-active underwear is made of DUO SKIN fabric, which consists of two layers. The outer layer is a 100% polyamide made in the way that its structure facilitates breathing and in the same time giving away the sweat. Whereas the inner layer, which adheres directly to the skin, has interwoven silver ions in its structure. Silver in the ionic form is introduced directly into the yarn, thanks to which it does not precipitate during washing and retains its bacteriostatic properties for a long time. In addition, thanks to this special technology of enriching yarn with silver, our underwear is safe for people who are prone to allergies, or are allergic to silver and its compounds.


At what temperatures do our winter sets work?

We dedicate our winter sets to various weather conditions. A lot depends on the individual feelings of the user and the form of outdoor activity. However, we can divide the sets into several groups.

Winter sets up to -15 C – (660-O-B / 760-P hunting set, 214-O-B FLOAT GUARD buoyancy set)

Sets for temperatures down to -30C – (hunting sets 653-O-B / 753-O-B, 652-O-B / 752-O-B, 651-O-B / 751-O-B, 650-O-B / 750-O-B)

Fishing sets for -50C (613-O-B / 713-O-B, 217-O-B)

Bear in mind, however, that the dedicated temperatures are conventionally and the sensible heat depends on many factors. In addition, it should be taken into account that such parameters are possible while maintaining the THERMO-system system . Where the first layer is the GRAFF-Bioactiv underwear, the second one is warm POLARON-X and the outer layer – these are winter sets.


Is the FLOAT GUARD set really floating?

Many times during trade fairs or trips to the water you asked this question. Often you look in disbelief at this set – you thought that as it is so light and softer and more flexible than competitive sets it cannot float on water. Well, FLOAT GUARD is filled with a special buoyancy insert, which is called FLOAT. It is a technology similar to that used in modern boatbuilding. The insert has the form of cut-to-size pieces with a closed pore structure, so that it can retain its properties even after mechanical damage. The insert itself is a very thin foam (up to 1 mm thick), which when folded into several layers which creates a specific buoyancy system, able to carry even a grow angler on the water. It should be remembered, however, that FLOAT GUARD is not a life jacket and cannot be used interchangeably with such equipment. Possession of this set does not exempt from having a life jacket on the boat, but above all it does not mean that a user doesn’t have to obey the elementary safety rules.


As proof of the suitability of our set in various conditions, we recommend to watch videos from our tests. The tested set was chosen randomly from the entire production. The first day of testing is „swimming” in the lake. After washing and drying, the set was tested on the river – it kept the same buoyancy parameters and functionality.

Can the FLOAT GUARD be used as personal protective equipment?

The FLOAT GUARD set, despite the fact that it is a buoyancy set and helps to float on the water, cannot be used as a life jacket. In the legal sense, it is not an personal protective equipment. It does not exempt from the obligation of having safe vests on boats – if the law requires it. Also, it cannot be used as a life jacket when fishing or practicing water sports.

Do WATER STOP jackets soak up?

WATER STOP jackets are a combination of two proven solutions: firstly, POLARON X knitwear, which protects against heat loss, is pleasant to the touch, light and hygrophobic (practically does not absorb moisture), and BRATEX membrane, which protects against moisture and wind. The BRATEX membrane consists of millions of pores per square meter, built so that moisture in the form of water vapor is pushed outside of the clothing, but water from rain or drizzle did not penetrate inside. Jackets from the WATER STOP line can be used in various weather conditions. Our clients every year confirm their usefulness both in hunting and during fishing. They also work well during other outdoor activities, for example: crossing rallies, trekking, trips to the mountains or on sailing. WATER STOP jackets protect against light rain, drizzle or damp mists. They do not get wet during normal rainfall and give time for safe shelter. It should be noted, however, that these jackets are not typically designed for difficult conditions, and their waterproofness parameters cannot be compared to sets designed for such conditions. The main feature of WATER STOP jackets is their versatility and the ability to use in a variety of conditions, and it should be valued for that.