Thermo-active underwear DUO SKIN

Graff-Bioactiv underwear is made of DUO SKIN fabric, which in 50% consists of yarn enriched with silver ions. In our underwear, silver ions are placed directly in the structure of the yarn, which is why even after many washes, Graff-Bioactiv underwear retains its bacteriostatic and antiseptic properties. However, in order to preserve the exceptional properties of our underwear and, above all, not to lose its fit obey the washing instructions.

OUR TIP: The flexibility of our underwear has a huge impact on the sense of warmth it gives. The polyamide fibers used to make Graff-Bioactiv underwear do not tend to overstretch or shrink. Remember, however, that the underwear put out from the washing machine should be hung  in the way to preserve their shape for longer time or dry horizontally (spread flat).

Clothes with a BRATEX membrane

Fabrics that have been armed with the BRATEX membrane should be maintained in a way that will ensure their long life and guarantee the performance of water-tightness, breathability and wind protection. ALWAYS follow the washing instructions on clothing. For simplicity, we give general instructions for fabrics with a BRATEX membrane.

OUR TIP: to keep the membrane in good condition for a longer time, reduce the washing machine’s speed to a minimum and turn off the spin. In addition, we recommend the use of detergents without softeners and bleaches, not irritating the skin.

Garment made of knitted fabric DUO SHIELD

Double-layered DUO SHIELD fabric is a combination of elastic outer fabric and warm Polaron X fabric as lining. DUO SHIELD does not cause many problems in maintenance, it is a very durable material and it is not susceptible to various types of deformation. To preserve the original color and cut, we recommend washing according to instructions below.


OUR TIP: some customers also impregnate their clothing with generally available apertures, which can be bought at most outdoor clothing stores. However, it should be remembered that some finishes reduce the breathability of clothing. In addition, when applying the impregnation, pay attention to whether the agent leaves marks on the material or not.



Clothes made of GREEN HILLS fabric

GREEN HILLS fabric in 50% consists of natural wool, while the other half is made of synthetic fibers. Such composition makes it extremely elegant and at the same time warm and durable – like coarse combed wool. GREEN HILLS has also the best features of modern synthetic fabrics – it is light, dries quickly and do not deform. However, this combination requires a specific approach to the maintenance, user must ALWAYS follow the washing instructions. In our assortment, you can find a 660-O-B jacket, in which we combined two technologies (fabric with a BRATEX membrane and GREEN HILLS fabric), while preserving this article one should consider both ways of washing and maintenance.


OUR ADVICE: The wool contained in the fabric GREEN HILLS has a natural lanolin (a wax naturally occurring on the wool), which is partially washed off during washing. Some washing agents have this natural ingredient in their composition – using them for a longer time, we maintain the properties of wool used in our fabric.