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The GRAFF clothing offer department designed and sewn for the hunting industry. Hunting clothing is designed based on the latest technologies, thanks to which our clothes are resistant to many weather conditions, such as rain or snow. Due to the use of a special DRY CARE is a modern finish that creates a waterproof outer layer which is invisible to the naked eye. It protects against soaking of clothes during rain and against unfortunate incidents, for example spilling some drink. Moreover, thanks to the use of SUB ZERO non-woven fabric, which accumulates particles of warm air, while protecting against the penetration of cold inside the clothes, it guarantees the convenience of using our hunting clothes. Moreover, the use of DRY CARE finishing creates a waterproof outer layer invisible to the naked eye. This protects against soaking the clothes during brief rains and against staining as a result of e.g. spilling a drink.

Hunting jackets

The hunting jacket is the basic element of every hunter’s outfit. It should be properly selected not only for weather conditions, temperature, wind, season of the year but also depending on the type of hunting. Our hunting jackets are made of high quality thermoactive cotton and are characterized by comfort. Jackets help maintain the right body temperature, while their perfectly selected colors make us virtually invisible in the forest.

Our hunting jackets are available in many sizes and colors, tailored to the needs and requirements of the most demanding customers. With GRAFF jackets you feel safer, more comfortable, warmer and you are professionally prepared for hunting.

hunting jackets graff

Hunting trousers

Hunting trousers, are one of the most important elements of every hunter’s outfit. Pants for hunters are subjected to harsh weather conditions in all conditions, so they should be characterized by maximum durability, resistance to dirt while maintaining their unique properties. Our collection of hunting trousers is so extensive that everyone should find a model here that meets their expectations.

Our hunting trousers cooperates well with jackets and are made of the best and extremely durable material. Trousers in combination with a jacket are a perfect combination for every hunter who appreciates both the quality of workmanship, durability of elements as well as practicality. Product has many pockets, which during intense and long hunting are perfect for storing various accessories and hunting accessories.


Hunting sweatshirt, commonly called fleece by many, is the perfect complement to the hunter’s clothing at any time of the year. The solution is ideal as additional warming on cold days, as well as basic clothing in spring or protective clothing in the summer season. We offer hunting, fleece, sweatshirt or hunting sweatshirts, which are waterproof, windproof and have a unique style.

We are convinced that in warmer seasons, our sweatshirts allow the hunter to be properly protected against cold and moisture, while achieving extraordinary mobility, lightness, as well as practicality. The sweatshirt designed by our designers will allow hunters to use many pockets for accessories and accessories that may be particularly required in the field.

Hunting sweaters

Hunting sweter, like a fleece or a hunting jacket, plays the role of an undersuit on colder days, or outerwear in spring. This type of clothing can be used as an elegant addition, but above all as a functional insulator, which in combination with a winter jacket and thermal underwear will ensure the highest comfort of use and maintain high thermal comfort on colder days. We offer sweaters made of fleece made of Polaron X with a touch of natural cotton, thanks to which they are extremely soft and user-friendly.

Designed with practicality in mind, GRAFF hunting sweaters also give you freedom of movement in the field. They are sewn from special materials, which are characterized by exceptional lightness, while maintaining high durability. Sweaters have also been sewn with impeccable style and aesthetics. We deeply believe that these products are elegant, but also neat and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Hunting shirts

Hunting shirts are a perfect addition to every hunter’s outfit. Perfectly tailored, sewn from the best materials, guaranteeing high quality comfort and maximum aesthetics. We have a wide selection of summer, autumn and winter shirts, elegant as well as typically task or work shirts. Materials with different composition and thickness, a large selection of colors and designs. We offer shirts in different variants, with long sleeves or also short. Without a doubt, everyone should find something for themselves that will perfectly suit their taste and meet your requirements for style and functionality.

Our shirts have been designed for hunters so that they can feel more comfortable on warmer days, while maintaining aesthetics and style. Products sewn by us have standard, classic pockets, so they can also play a practical role. Shirts available in many colors that match the style of hunting.

Hunting vests

Hunting vests are a very important element and complement to your hunting outfit. In our offer you will find vests that are highly practical because they are equipped with a lot of pockets. In addition, our hunting vests can also serve as a typical fleece, because they were designed from heat-retaining materials. As GRAFF, we also produce elegant clothing in which you can go to a meeting in the Hunting Association.

We designed them for people who want to combine impeccable, classic style with practicality. Vests have many pockets, in which both the trained hunter will store the most important accessories, but also the amateur will be able to keep his chosen accessories. Our vests are available in many colors, but of course in the colors and cuts typical of hunting sports.

Hunting t-shirts

Hunting shirts are characterized by good material quality. Our offer includes T-shirts in an appropriate color for the forest, which allows it to blend in with the surroundings, as well as mixed colors with the official GRAFF brand logo. We also offer cotton T-shirts with a mixed forest motif.

We are a manufacturer of t-shirts with many uses. In our offer you will find occasional shirts, fashionable t-shirts with the brand logo, but also those that will be able to provide hunters with the comfort of being in the forest on hot days, as well as slightly cooler evenings or mornings. Moreover, we have long-sleves in our offer.

Hunting multi-seasonal sets

We meet the requirements of today’s hunters and design complete sets of clothes. All-season sets guarantee that you will be prepared for any time of day or night, and no season will be terrible for you. GRAFF clothing sets have been designed for the most demanding hunters who appreciate quality, aesthetics and material properties. They have been designed in such a way that amateurs who are just starting their adventure with hunting can buy the right set without specialist knowledge.

Hunting winter sets

For hunters who hunt in the winter season, we have prepared for you special winter sets for this difficult season of the year. Our sets will prepare you for periods of frost and high temperatures. The jackets that are included in the set are additionally insulated and also have a high level of vapor permeability. Winter trousers are made of a special fabric that guarantees wind and water resistance. They provide thermal comfort to -30C. If you are just looking for hunting clothes for the winter, the sets designed by us should meet the expectations of both advanced hunters and amateurs.

Hunting accesories

The GRAFF hunting clothing range also includes specialized accessories for hunters. We have caps, winter hats, wellies for wetlands, as well as a warning scarf. Designed as the perfect complement to our hunting clothes, incredibly durable, warm but stylish.

Enjoy your shopping!