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Appropriate fishing clothing is the best guarantee of a comfort and a convenience during fishing time. It should be remembered that good quality clothing, especially fishing clothing, is nowadays a basic element of an equipment and we are talking about both professionals and amateurs. Fishing clothing, which we design and sew from the best components is prepared to provide you with impeccable style as well as take care of all thermal properties. In the production of GRAFF fishing clothing, we mainly use the BRATEX® technology, which is characterized by high water and windproofness, and also lets sweat in the form of water vapor outside the clothing. Thanks to modern, three-layer fabric, made in the WATER STOP technology, our clothes are perfect as protection against wind and light rain. The GRAFF fishing clothing line is a combination of functionality, aesthetics and style. Clothes are designed and sewn by high-class specialists.

Fishing jackets

Fishing jackets with wind and water resistance can also be found in the GRAFF product collection. In our clothes, we use many specialized solutions that are able to guarantee users wearing our jackets thermal comfort, dry microclimate of the skin, as well as impeccable quality and durability. Our products are all-season, and their durability is a key element to which we pay special attention. Fishing jackets are reliable and very easy to use, which gives satisfaction of every hour spent near the the water.

We designed and sew fishing jackets in accordance with the art of creating the highest quality clothing, as well as based on over twenty-five years of practice. We create jackets from the best available materials, using the latest technological innovations and solutions that will be able to provide you with impeccable style and durability. It is important to us that our products meet global standards and protect anglers when fishing in all conditions.

fishing jacket graff poland

Fishing trousers

Fishing trousers designed and sewn by specialists for amateur and professionals. In our collection we have very warm and comfortable trousers with sun protection or trousers made of the highest quality fleece. Our fishing trousers are also made of BRATEX®, thanks to which they have high wind resistance and vapor permeability.

In combination with our advanced jackets, fishing trousers are a guarantee of comfort, protection against moisture, water and wind, as well as certainty of protection in fisheries. Only selected materials and advanced technology used when sewing the product guarantees maximum protection. In the case of pants, we make every effort to ensure that they are also as practical as possible for anglers who will be able to store all kinds of accessories useful by the water in many included pockets.

fishing trousers graff poland

Fishing sweatshirts

Fishing sweatshirts were designed for the whole fishing season. In spring and summer, they can be used as basic outerwear, protecting you from the cold in the morning, but also help to drain moisture. In turn, in the winter and autumn season they are the perfect complement to clothing, and in combination with our fishing jackets are an ideal protection against frost, cold and provide a pleasant feeling of dry microclimate of the skin.

Our fishing sweatshirts have been designed in such a way, to be the basic outer clothing in spring and summer. Sewn by specialists and by using best materials with the highest parameters and using the THERMO-system solution. This system is based on providing the user with thermal comfort thanks to air circulation, as well as protection against cold and wind.

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Fishing sweaters

Fishing sweaters were designed as clothing that can be used for additional warming of the body during the autumn-winter period, but also as basic clothing in the spring. We offer a practical sweater with a high zippered ribbing at the neck. Made of Polaron X with a cotton blend.

In combination with jackets, our sweaters can perfectly complement the angler’s clothing and provide the best possible conditions for fishing. Sweaters have been designed in such a way as to be an alternative to sweatshirts, especially for people who need something more comfortable and elegant. Made of special cotton. Elegant, comfortable and most importantly, very warm, which is especially important in winter and spring, when we do not take jackets with us.

Fishing shirts

Fishing shirts are the basic clothing in spring and summer. Our shirts have been designed in such a way to provide users with maximum comfort, resistance, as well as to provide the angler with the right style. Thanks to advanced fabric technologies that provide the highest degree of protection against cold, sun or insects, we offer a full range of fishing shirts with short and long sleeves designed to help you spend the best day while fishing.

Our fishing shirts meet the requirements of people who want comfort and all those who care about aesthetics and style. Shirts provide you with the possibility of protection against insects and the sun on warmer days, but at the same time a feeling of comfort and an appropriate microclimate of dry skin. Of course, shirts also care for impeccable aesthetics and style.

Fishing vests

Fishing vests designed for anglers on both lakes and rivers. For beginners who just want to start an adventure with fishing, as well as enthusiasts – professionals. Thoughtful design, high functionality, the highest quality material used in production, additional stiffening and attention to every detail finish make our vests a top-shelf product. Our vest will serve you for many years.

The role of the fishing vest is primarily to provide the you with storage space for all kinds of fishing gadgets and accessories. The designs of our vests have many pockets and handles in which you can store the necessary items on the fishery.

Fishing t-shirts

Fishing t-shirts for fishing enthusiasts suitable for the warmer season, as well as a comfortable long-sleeved cotton T-shirt. We offer a specially designed Eco t-shirt, thanks to which we help fish stocking Polish rivers – one shirt is one fish. T-shirts designed in such a way that their colors correspond to the surroundings of rivers and lakes, but also with a large, impressive GRAFF logo and in mixed colors.

Our shirts have been designed to help you enjoy the comfort, durability and aesthetics of your clothing in spring and summer, when the temperatures are high. T-shirts have been designed in such a way that both aesthetes and people who care about merging in the characteristic environment of the fisheries are satisfied.

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Fishing multi-seasonal sets

To meet the requirements of the most demanding users, professionals but also amateurs who are just planning to start their adventure with fishing, we have prepared multi-season sets. With care for impeccable style, quality and maintaining the best thermal and resistance parameters, we have prepared many sets that allow you to fish safely. Our multi-season sets have been designed to reconcile both professionals who care about the best materials as well as a unique style. The sets have best-in-class waterproof and breathable protection.

Fishing winter sets

Fishing clothing from the winter collection was designed for those anglers who go to the water or the people in the most difficult and coldest period of the year. Winter sets, due to the used membrane with increased parameters of a vapor permeability and a water resistance, ensure thermal comfort by draining excess moisture from the inside of clothing, while protecting against rain, snow and wind. Our sets are designed for the amateurs who do not know the specifics of fishing clothes and would like to buy a complete, comprehensive set instead of choosing everything separately, as well as advanced professionals who will appreciate their durability and aesthetics.

Fishing hats and accesories

The GRAFF fishing clothing range also includes specialist accessories for amateur and professional fishermen. We have peaked caps, winter hats, wellies for wetlands, hats, as well as a warning scarf. Designed as the perfect complement to our fisherman’s clothes, incredibly durable, warm but stylish.

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